Crypto Investment V/S Crypto Mining (ETH-perspective)

For the readers who are familiar with crypto, might be aware of crypto investments. It’s the easiest way to get into the world of crypto.  If you believe the price of crypto is going to go up then isn’t it better to just buy the coins and sell them once the price has gone up rather than to go through all the hassle of crypto-mining?

Crypto Investment V/S Crypto Mining

I’m sure that post reading this article many readers might be interested in mining. In the current market conditions, best value for your hard earned money is crypto mining in the long term. We can mine crypto throughout this bear-market collect it and sell it in the next bull-market post the next BTC halving as mentioned in our How to earn money in Crypto Bear market?

For example, if we are planning to Invest in Ethereum, as of the date of writing of this article the price of Ethereum is hovering around $2000.  let’s  assume we are investing in  Model 0 Pro , it costs around $6300 for export and for Indian client adding up the GST it costs around  ₹585000. We will consider the higher rate between the two prices mentioned above, i.e the Indian rate when converted into USD, it costs around $7500. If we invest the same amount into crypto directly, current price at the time of writing this article we would be getting 3.75 ETH approximately. For export clients this would amount to 3.1 ETH.

As on the date of writing of this article i.e 9 June 2022, we are getting 0.005452 ETH per day. For the calculation below we have assumed that various parameters which affect the mining revenue will remain constant.

ETH Investing Mining
6 month Yield 3.75 ETH 0.331 ETH
6 month costs $ 0 $ 190
12 month yield 3.75 ETH 2 ETH
12 month costs $ 0 $ 1,140
24 month yield 3.75 ETH 3.97 ETH
24 month costs $ 0 $ 2,300
36 month yield 3.75 ETH 5.95 ETH
36 month costs $ 0 $ 3,500

If we look at the above table closely, we can observe that our revenue in terms of crypto will be higher in the long term through Crypto-Mining. Also, we are also supporting a greater cause of decentralizing the ecosystem of Crypto we are mining. NABTech team agrees that investing is the simplest and easiest method to get into crypto. It’s also versatile, as we can HODL (Hold on with your dear life) the cryptos’ which are not minable or which are based on POS (Proof-of-Stake)

If people are ready to take the extra-effort of mining, there is a high probability that they will earn more in terms of crypto in Long-term. Mining is also a way of mitigating the pertinent risk of volatility, by Dollar-cost-averaging or by paying the electricity bill from pocket instead of selling crypto for electricity. Currently the asset of Ethereum Blockchain ETH is hovering at $2000, It’s ATH (All-time-high), is at $4800, which means ETH needs to go 2.5 X to reclaim it’s previous ATH. It’s purely speculative to predict whether it would reclaim in 6 or 12 or 36 months. But what we can say from observing previous market cycles is that, crypto tends to give good gains in longer time frames like 5 to 10 years.

All the above mentioned things could only work in your way if you choose the right hardware solutions which are efficient and cost-effective to maximize your gains. You can check our our Model 0 Pro which is a cost effective entry level solution using six NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti GPU. For the real Pros’ we have Model 1 Series which uses NVIDIA CMP 90 HX GPUS in them. Model 1 and Model 1 Pro contain this Datacenter grade GPU in 8 and 12 Quantity respectively. If periodically GPUS’ are re-padded and re-pasted these ASUS and NVIDIA tend to last 3 to 4 years.

If readers are feeling that ETH-2.0 will take mining away with it, stay tuned for next article where we take a look at other Altcoins for mining and compare them.

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