Jasminer X4-1U


Jasminer X4-1U is a rack-mountable high-throughput 1U server, when planning for large deployment of machines this becomes useful as it can be deployed at scale.

Algorithm: ETCHASH
Hashrate: 520MH/s±10%
Power consumption:240W±10%
Working temperature:0-40℃
Operating humidity:5%RH-95%RH non condensation
Weight: 9.5Kg
Measurements: 45×48.2×4.45cm
Network connection mode: Ethernet
Voltage: 100-240v supported


The chip of Jasminer X4 series products adopts the integrated memory and calculation technology, which greatly improves the mining efficiency. This miner uses integrated storage and computing technology to reduce the power consumption of electricity. Jasminer has Low-noise design which is more friendly to home of office environment. This can mine ETCHash crypto-mining algorithm at 520 MH/s ±10%, while consuming the power 240W±10%.


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