Model 1 Pro (Riserless)


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Model 1 Pro is a Density focused & a Mining Farm grade GPU mining solution offered by NABTech. It is in a Stainless Steel Chassis with Intel B87 Chipset with 12 Expandable PCIE slots. This comes with pre-installed twelve (12) RTX A5000.  Model 1 Pro can produce total hash rate of 1.15 Gh/s @ 2700W in decent condition of the machine. The Chassis come pre-installed with high CFM 120mm fans which create a air tunnel to keep our  GPUS’ cool. The PSU of Maximum capacity of 3300W comes installed with case. This case can be rack mounted to have all the convenience of stacking these up in a rack.


12 X RTX A5000 (ASUS / MSI) Mining GPU @ 1.15 Gh/s on ETH / ETC

3300W Server Powersupply

Stainless steel chassis with fan speed modulation

Riserless mining server motherboard with 12 GPU slots


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